How To Apply Flawless Mascara

How To Apply Flawless Mascara

First, start with a lengthening lash primer. But here’s the catch; only apply the product from the mid-shaft to the ends in order to avoid clumps. If the primer gets into the root, the lashes tend to clump together, but it does wonders to elongate the lash when used generously at the tip. Expert Tip: Build up the primer on the outer lashes to give the eye a flirty, almond-shaped lift.

When applying mascara, use this three-step technique called the “Bump and grind”: bump the wand in at the root, roll it forward to capture each lash and grind it back and forth while pulling up! “Bump and grind” black or brown mascara into the top lashes, making sure to get from the root to the tip.

Extra Tip: Always check to see that mascara stains the whole lash. When applying mascara to bottom lashes, use a pressing or kissing motion for effortless, complete coverage.



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