Shipping Policy

 Shipping Policy

Service. The Courier will arrive on the days (including weekends and holidays at an extra cost) and times, or
from time to time and as provided below on an “as-needed” basis, and at the locations agreed upon by Customer
and Courier to pick up parcels from different locations, which parcels will be delivered by the Courier to desired
Locations for delivery to Customers destinations. Recipient shall, and is hereby authorized to,

(i) accept the Parcel (as defined below);

(ii) process the contents thereof in accordance with Companies standard dispatch
policies, Customer’s Account Agreement (as defined below), and any written instructions and/or Proof of Delivery enclosed in the Consignment; and

(iii) to transact such other business on behalf of Customer as may be
incidental and proper in connection with the Commodity. The courier takes no responsibility of any parcels unless otherwise the customer pays insurance for every parcel given to courier.

Recipient’s Responsibilities. In order to protect both Customer and Courier, Customer shall have the
following responsibilities in using the Transporter Service:
A. Items placed with the Courier by Customer for delivery to Recipient shall be

(i) restrictively endorsed“for delivery only” to the Account,

(ii) enclosed in ton Flyer furnished by Courier, and

(iii) accompanied by an
electronic Proof of Delivery, in duplicate, which lists the contents thereof. If the contents of the Flyer do not form to the itemized list on the accompanying POD prepared by Courier, Customer may deposit into Courier’s Account such items as are found therein and shall report any discrepancy to Courier in a reasonable time and manner.

The record of Customer shall be final and conclusive as to the contents of the Transporter, and the risk of any loss or shortage is expressly assumed by Customer, who agrees to indemnify and hold Courier harmless

B. Customer shall maintain adequate and complete records of all items placed with the Courier, including but not limited to photocopies or soft copies of all items and POD’s, which photocopies shall be maintained,
along with a copy of the delivery ticket, until Customer has confirmed the Courier with Recipient.

Contractor will continue to receive regular electronic Account statements (“Statement”) that describe all transactions for the Accounts including the deliveries that Courier has sent to Recipient through the transportation Service.
Contractor agrees to promptly review the Statement and to notify Transporter within five (5) days of receipt of the Statement of any discrepancies between Contractor’s records of delivery with the Transporter and the
deliveries reflected on such Statement.

Statements sent by any reasonable method, are conclusively presumed to
have been received by Contractor five the same day after such Statement was sent by Transporter.

If Recipient or Customer fails to notify Transporter of any discrepancy within the requisite time period, the Statement shall be conclusively presumed to correctly document deliveries sent through the Transport Service.

C. Recipient agrees that the responsibilities of Recipient set forth above establish reasonable standards to govern the conduct of Customer and Courier with respect to the Transport Service and acknowledges that such standards are necessary for the protection of both Customer and Recipient. Recipient acknowledges that the failure by Recipient to comply with such responsibilities may result in loss, misdirected or late deliveries.