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Siya & Fifi's Love Story by Simphiwe Molaba

Siya & Fifi's Love Story by Simphiwe Molaba

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Siya & Fifi's Love Story by Simphiwe Molaba. Hard Cover - New Second Hand
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When an innocent girl from the small town of QwaQwa meets mysterious business mogul Siya, her life takes a 180 degree turn.

There's no such thing as a chance encounter- Fifi discovers this during her whirlwind journey of professional realization, finding love and surviving loss.

She is thrust into the eye of the storm and forced to question her views on lofe as she navigates her new normal- From the stock markets to the underground secret agents and government conspiracies, Fifi must be fast footed if she wishes to survive in the cutthroat environment. Thank God Siya is with her every step of the way, her knight in shining armour.Siya and Fifi's Love story is the first of a three part romance action thriller book series.

The lines between right and wrong, Black and white, good and bad are constantly probed. Will these two love birds survive it all? Can there be calm when two oceans meet?