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The End by Dudu Busani-Dube

The End by Dudu Busani-Dube

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Hard Cover - New Second Hand
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Do you remember the life we dreamed of?

The things we did, hoping we’d achieve that life?

The blood we’ve spilled?

The things we have survived?

 The bodies buried under our Muldersdrift house – everything Qhawe, everything we have ever done and what we did it for, throwing your child in the fire would have given us that. A peaceful and safe life.

 What is he talking about?

We were roaming around, and I was fine with that, but you decided to bring them into our lives – the ancestors and all that. We were fine not honouring them Qhawe because what have they ever done for us?

Why did we have to slaughter goats and burn incense for them?

Our mother chose Sbopho over us.

What reason did you have to honour her?”

“What reason, Qhawe?

Now they keep taking and taking from us. Our children, Qhawe. And they won’t stop because the person they really want is Hlomu.